Harnessing Creativity and Innovation for Business Success

Course Description:

This course takes you inside the 2023 InnovateLocal event, which brought together over 100 attendees – local thought leaders, and entrepreneurs – to learn, connect, and find inspiration. Through a series of compelling presentations by innovative trainers, this course provides unique insights into the world of innovation and creativity, offering valuable lessons for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Course Highlights:

  • Matt Williams: Emphasizes the importance of fostering creative cultures within organizations in his talk about the “creative age.” He highlights creativity as the cornerstone of true innovation.

  • Kelly O’Keefe: Focuses on the concept of “Applied Creativity,” illustrating how the application of creative ideas can lead to real innovations and drive progress.

  • Aaron Montgomery: Demystifies innovation, encouraging the audience to recognize that innovation can stem from unlikely pairings and simple iterations. His message is clear – innovation thrives on diversity of thought and creative problem-solving.

  • Mango Salon Executive Team: Pat Heaney, Bobbi Heaney, and Cari Shannon share their journey of innovation within their local company, discussing both successes and setbacks in education, technology, and communication.

Who Should Take This Course:

This course is designed for local business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are looking to harness the power of creativity and innovation to drive their ventures forward. The insights and advice from these local thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs will provide you with some practical guidance and examples of innovation. 

Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson Creative Cultures
Cultivating Creative Cultures with Matt Williams
Applying Creativity with Kelly O'Keefe
Demystifying Innovation with Aaron Montgomery
Case Study in Innovation with the Mango Salon Team