About Roundtables

Coming together to tap into our collective power

Solve Problems

By being part of a small group of business leaders, you can use your collective experience and knowledge to solve problems, advise one another, and become stronger as a whole.

Learn & Share Best Practices

Roundtables facilitate peer-to-peer learning and best practice sharing, provide diverse perspectives and connection opportunities to foster innovation and professional development. Participants benefit from collaborative problem-solving, accountability, and access to expertise, enhancing their business skills and boosting employee retention.

Involve Your Team

You and four additional Premium users may join in Roundtables. This is a great way to cultivate a culture of creativity and problem-solving in your team.

Examples of Ongoing Roundtables

  • Marketing Representatives
  • Owner’s Group
  • Human Resources
  • Sales Representatives
  • Women-Owned Roundtable

Along with meeting in person, each Roundtable participant gets access to a private and protected group to continue the conversation.

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