3 reasons business can’t hire enough workers today

It’s no secret that the labor market is tight and that employers are having a tough time staffing up for the summer rush.

From Snagajob, Darrell Jones 
Darrell is Snagajob’s Manager of Content & Copywriting, where he enjoys writing and editing advice that helps workers and businesses align and succeed. His first hourly job was totally chill, bagging ice at an ice cube f-f-f-factory.

But what specific hurdles are they facing most? We surveyed hundreds of employers, asking what’s stopping them from hiring the talent needed for a full staff. Here’s what they said:

53% – Low applicant volume

44% – Not enough time to hire

44% – Interview no-shows

How can you overcome these hiring barriers?

1. Look beyond your normal pool of candidates.

Expanding who you consider for your job is paramount to success in the post-COVID world of work. Consider underutilized groups of workers you might not have engaged before, such as teens and other first-time hires.

2. Find workers who can grow into the position. 

Tap into workers who may not have the exact skill set you’re looking for, but have the soft skills that you know will allow them to succeed. Specific tasks can be taught easy enough, but it’s more important to have organizational and communication skills.

3. Fill the hiring gaps with hourly workers.

No matter how deep your bench is, there are still going to be absences, workers on vacation, and large events needing some extra hands. Hourly workers can step in at a moment’s notice.

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