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Bremo Pharmacy

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My first and only job was with Bremo Pharmacy. I began working in the family business at the age of 12. I began with dusting shelves and running errands, then eventually graduated to cashier. By high school and college, I was helping out as a pharmacy technician and delivery driver until I graduated from pharmacy school. From dusting shelves to a pharmacist, to a CEO, I have done every job in the company at one point or another.

Best Advice I’ve Received

I have learned that the best way to accomplish company goals is to lead a strong team with clear goals and expectations. Setting realistic and measurable goals, then empowering your team to take ownership of the steps to accomplish the goals will get you way further than trying to accomplish the tasks on your own.

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned

I learned the power of a positive attitude from my father Dan Herbert, who said “you’ve got to believe.” He had an optimistic vision for the future and saw each day’s struggles as a path toward reaching his vision. This inspired me and set me on my own pathway of optimism. My business coach also gave me great advice to set a “cadence of accountability.” when outlining clear expectations for my team. Similarly, I found author, Brene Brown, very insightful in her advice, “clear is kind.” This message helped me to provide more open and honest feedback to my team, rather than sugarcoat issues that need to be addressed.

Top Strengths

Management, Operations, Professional Development

Passionate About

Pharmacy, health & wellness, leadership, motivating staff into a cohesive team, goal setting

Hobbies & Interests

Running, Health & Wellness