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Smithson Anderson

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My First Job Was

My first job was doing chores around our house and family farm in southern Virginia – raking leaves, getting up hay, cutting grass, fixing fences with my Dad. Our whole family pitched in and even our neighbors helped depending on the task at hand.

As a teenager, my first paid job was at a family restaurant. I was a waitress and cashier. I had a terrible memory and a terrible poker face – but I learned a ton about customer service and it gave me a huge appreciation for anyone else in the service industry. I was so proud of the Pulsar watch I bought from the mall – all with my own money.

Best Advice I’ve Received

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I realize the full quote is attributed to Confucius but I think my parents gave me that advice. They both worked hard in roles they enjoyed (mechanic, accountant) and encouraged me to apply myself in learning and growing my career path (artist/graphic designer) – even if it was very different to theirs.

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned

• Money is a tool that can be managed.

• Living within my means helps me enjoy life and not feel like I’m constantly trying to keep up.

• A positive/growth mindset can lead to amazing outcomes.

• Treat people how you’d like to be treated.

• I am not for everybody, and everybody won’t be for me and that’s ok.

• Rest and don’t be in a rush.

• Entrepreneurship – especially creative entrepreneurship – can feel like a very solitary pursuit. Community support is vital.

• Pay for expertise when you need it vs. wasting time to do everything (possibly poorly and in longer timeframes) on your own.

Top Strengths

Marketing, Professional Development, Sales, Starting Up

Passionate About

I am passionate about creatives, and especially women being paid what they’re worth.

Other business passions:
• Profit First methodology
• Networking
• Community building
• Coaching, teaching and mentorship
• Financial management
• Authentic marketing
• Brand archetypes
• Selling without feeling icky

Hobbies & Interests

Personal interests:
• Color
• Journaling
• Bougie food
• Volleyball
• Feminism
• Allyship
• Music
• Art
• My cute cats