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Franco's Fine Clothier

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My First Job Was

At 12 years old first paying job was delivery Richmond New Leader and then The Richmond Times Dispatch. I did this until graduating high school. It was a great lesson in interacting with customers. Also, I worked at Best Products for an year in high school loading trucks at the distribution center in Ashland. That job ws a good lesson in working with others as a team.

Best Advice I’ve Received

Do not sell something just to sell it, the product has to be right for the customer.

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned

When dealing with people/customers, it is best to listen more and talk less. When listening to customers you are able to offer a better opinion as to what service or product you have that will best suit their needs.

Top Strengths

Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Technology

Passionate About

Customer Relations