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My First Job Was

My first job was waiting tables at this small French restaurant in Harrisonburg VA. I loved it because I love food and especially French food. It taught me so many things and, strangely enough, one of my most memorable takeaways is how to open a bottle of wine table-side with just a corkscrew! (it’s harder than you think with everyone staring at you!)

Best Advice I’ve Received

When deciding to make a major career change to owning a small business, I was listening to a man named Bobby Griggs speak at a conference. He said, “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Do that!” That is what I did, left the FBI for a new career!

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned

Always dream big, work harder, continue to evolve, and take care of your people.

Top Strengths

Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Starting Up, Technology

Passionate About

 I also have a background in integrative health coaching that really translates well into the business world. I especially like to focus on personal health of the small business owner. You can’t do your best if you are taking care of yourself. We often fall into that trap!