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Mango LLC (dba Mango Salon)

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My First Job Was

My first job at age 17 was unloading grocery trucks at a small IGA grocery store in my hometown in Deer Lodge, Montana. I learned the discipline of working hard and being responsible. As I gained more experience, I became a grocery clerk responsible for stocking shelves and checking out customers at the cash register checkout.

Best Advice I’ve Received

Learned to treat co-workers with respect. My first mentor always encouraged me. He never criticized me when I made mistakes. He would stop and show me the right way and praised me when I did things right.

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned

My first critical lesson was how to be more productive when stocking fresh eggs in the dairy case. This was my first job and I initially didn’t connect with productivity in how to restock the egg case. The store was really busy and I got behind with this task. The owner/manager saw how slow I was and took me aside and showed me how to stock eggs faster to improve my productivity. He didn’t embarrass me. He demonstrated the faster way and then observed me patiently. He mentioned that in the summer he would need me to work more hours If I wanted (to me this was a great incentive). The lesson I learned from my first boss: “teach young people the right methods by showing them, then observing, and finally offering them encouragement?.” I worked much harder for my boss from that day forward.

Top Strengths

Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Starting Up, Technology

Passionate About

strategic planning for small businesses, including planning and opening