25 Instagram Reels For Local Businesses

Here are 25 awesome Instagram Reels ideas to help you grow your local business.

From WishPond

1. Show Your Work Space

One of the best Instagram reels ideas that help you get more attractions is to share your workspace. This content can be inspirational, promoting other people to start their own businesses and make money without having a large workplace.

So, simply get your phone and take a 15-seconds long video from your work studio. As a professional tip, I suggest you focus on the parts you love most and add some stickers to make it shine!

2. Meet My Team in Instagram Reels

People always love to see who’s behind a product they receive! So, get up and meet your team members all around your office or studio and share the video on your Instagram reels.

And if you don’t have a team, don’t worry! One of the small business trends for Instagram reels to follow is to take a cute short video and show people how you manage all the parts of your business on your own. For instance, in the following reels video, the founder of Meraki Artistry, Danni, shows that she is the one that manages all the tasks:

3. Introduce Yourself

Another brilliant Instagram reels idea is to introduce yourself to people. Simply talk about yourself and mention your age and location. You can also talk about your business and tell people when you started. This way, you’ll attract new fans, extend brand authority, and build more trust. So, take a short video, edit it as you wish to make it look perfect, and share it on reels.

4. Let’s Make a Product!

One of the Instagram reels ideas I like is the “Making of” videos. I’m pretty sure that all your followers and customers enjoy watching you prepare their orders. No matter if it’s a cake or a cute little earring made of clay, take a video of the whole process and then speed up the video using a video editor and share it on your reels.

5. Share Explainer Videos to Introduce Your Business

A great way to describe your small business and show people your offerings is to create and share explainer videosAnimated explainer videos are short animated videos that help your audience understand your business’s purpose without reading a complete guide or scrolling all your posts. By sharing a short explainer video on Instagram reels, you will reach more people and grow on Instagram without using Instagram growth services. Here’s an example of an explainer video on Instagram reels by Design Pilot:

6. Tell a Story

A great way to make your audience engage with your reels video is to tell them a story about your brand. It can be a story about a hard time you successfully overcame or the time you started to build your brand on Instagram and how you tackled all those insecurities. If you also want to influence people, share a story about something special you have done. For instance, XXL Scrunchie in this video showed people how they recycled papers to reuse them:

7. Work From Home

Last year, we all stayed at home and tried to manage our tasks properly during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this time, being on social media networks like Instagram and seeing how other people managed their business helped us get up and work. So if you are one of those small business managers who had to leave their studio and work from home, take a short video of your place and motivate people by letting them know that we are all in the same situation.

8. Behind the Scenes

Pulling back the curtain and showing what you are doing behind the scenes will always help you get more Instagram engagement. No matter your business, take a short video of the photo shooting process, product bundling, or how you are doing your business and post it on Instagram reels.

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9. Let’s Pack Some Orders

One of the most interesting Instagram reels ideas that work for small businesses is sharing the process of packing orders. To make this one more exciting, I suggest you make some noises while packing the products and turn the video into packing ASMR.

10. Unbox Your Products

If you are managing a small business, you have to order your basic materials regularly. So, you always have the chance to start unpacking your orders and film them to show your followers the material you use, the brands, and even the place you use to store them. Also, on Instagram reels, you have the option to tag products and enable your customers to purchase their needs from reels. So, when sharing the unboxing video, tag the related products and let people purchase products directly from your reels to increase your sales conversion rate.

11. Follow the Trend of Instagram Reels

Being on Instagram as a small business doesn’t require you to always act like a professional marketer. Instead, you have to show people that you are real and, just like others, enjoy challenges and trends. So, to get more impressions, follow the trend, and participate in trending challenges.

12. Answer an FAQ

If you read your comments and direct messages on Instagram, you’ll see that some questions get asked by most of your followers. It’ll take a great deal of time to answer all those comments and messages one by one, and setting automated Instagram messages may not necessarily address your customers’ considerations. So, why don’t you take a video and give a short answer to the frequently asked questions in 15 seconds? This way, you can perfectly describe the answer and show your audience you care about them.

13. How it Started vs. How it’s going

Showing the evolution of your small business can be another great Instagram reels idea. You definitely have a few photos and videos from the time you started your business. So, all you have to do is take a few shots of your workspace, products, and orders now and show how it began and how it is going right now!

14. Repurpose Your Posts and Stories

On Instagram, you have the opportunity to share your products and services from different perspectives using posts, stories, and reels. To increase your odds and turn more followers into customers, I suggest you repurpose your posts and stories on reels after a few days. Here’s an example from Papelnco:

15. How-to Videos

Many people watch Instagram videos to learn how to draw a tree or even how to bake a cake in a few minutes. This can be an excellent chance for you to reach more people and attract your target audience. Write a list of ideas you have in mind; each time you run out of content, create a short reels video and show people how to use your products. Just remember to use the right hashtags to maximize your reach.

16. Your Regular Life

Another great Instagram reels ideas for you as a small business owner is to show how your personal and professional lives are intertwined. Simply film different parts of your day and show where you work, what you do, and even when and how you rest.

17. Reality vs. Expectations

When you talk about a small business with your friends, you see that each of you has a different definition. This is also true about your followers and customers. For example, if you have an accessories shop and sell handmade jewelry, people may mistakenly assume that you have a massive studio with lots of tools to create your products, while you have a small room with a few essential tools. So, you can use this as an Instagram reels idea and show your followers that their expectations are totally different from reality. Here’s a good example of this idea:

18. Before and After

Before and after videos have always been popular among social media users and can bring you huge comments and DMs. You can share before and after of:

  • Your workspace when creating a product
  • Products’ redesign
  • Your energy level during a working day

And more. Just be creative and share new ideas!

19. Share Small Tips

Sharing is caring! Right? So, if you want your followers to become your customers and love your small brand, help them do it themselves. And don’t worry, this won’t decrease your sales conversion! It also allows you to reach more people and increase your account’s engagement rate. So, try to share a few small tips about a material you work with to create your products and build more trust.

20. Do What People Ask for in Comments

Whenever you run out of ideas, ask your followers for some! Yep, this perfectly works and helps you get more Instagram comments!

Share a story or post and ask your followers what they’d like to see on your next Instagram reels. Now, you’ll get tons of messages and comments that give you some fantastic Instagram reels ideas. Pick the ones you find more interesting and save them somewhere to avoid running out of content.

Whenever you are using one of those followers’ ideas, share the original comment on your reels to show your audience that you care about them and read every comment or message.

Here’s a great example of “replying to comments” reels from Crafty:

21. Positive Reaction to Copied Ideas

You cannot control every single user who follows your business account or even stalks it! Consequently, someday you may see that another business steals your idea, and they are selling exactly what you created first. Of course, you can use some Instagram monitoring tools to prevent this from happening frequently, but when the copier uses original photos, there’s not much you can do.

So, as soon as you notice that someone has copied your idea, you’d better share Instagram reels and show that everything’s ok! Because you are the original one and you always have new ideas to share!

22. Share the Tools You Use

One of the most frequently asked questions you may see in your comments and messages will be about the tools you use to create your products and services or even promote your business on social media. No matter if you are a photographer or an illustrator, you can create a short video introducing the top tools and apps you use.

23. Celebrate Your Biz BDay

When is your business birthday? Celebrate it with your team members and also your Instagram followers. This can be a great way to thank your customers for their support and showing them how they helped you flourish your small business.

24. Recreate a Look Using Your Products

Out of ideas? Why don’t you use your products to recreate a look and show your followers how to embellish their stuff? This also boosts your sales conversion as they will get inspired by how you used a product to beautify a part of your house.

25. Share Quick and Encouraging Messages

Sharing inspirational messages and motivating people to start their own business or keep trying during the hard times can be another excellent Instagram reels idea.

Apart from this, asking for support from your followers is not something you may want to be ashamed of! So, simply share Instagram reels and show your customers that you’re there to give them high-quality products and support them to get the best of what they want if they also help you with their feedback, comments, and even more real likes.

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