Instagram reels without showing your face

Reels for whether you have a physical store, online shop, handmade business, fashion, jewelry, dog accessories, knitting, home decor, food account, and everything else in between.


Here are amazing ideas for you. You’ll see that transitionsyour hands, and audios are your best friends when you don’t want to show your face. They add rhythm and soul to your videos. Plus, they’re super fast and easy to create and are addictive to watch.

Let’s start with these reels.

1. Workspace tour

Let’s start simple. Look at this video. It’s 10 seconds and has 2.4 million views. And there’s no face in it!
Show your office space or shop. We love to see it!

2. Introduce yourself in reels

Write your name or business name on the screen. Show a sneak peek of what you’re all about.

Or, use this audio:

3. Website Magic trick

Show a product on your website and make it appear in real life.

4. Magic appearance

No face and no hands. Make your product appear one-by-one. Let me know if you want a tutorial for any of these Reels ideas!

5. Grand reveal

Make your product appear from behind a wall, fan or curtain. It makes your Reels look more magical and grand.

6. Magic touch

Make your product appear on the screen in one touch. Such an easy and magical transition.

7. Facepalm transition Reels

I looove this transition too. Just hit your camera lens with the palm of your hand. The next clip reveals your product, service or transformation.

8. Finger snap transition

Show a before and after or reveal your products, after you snap your finger. Like this:

9. Hold it and change it

Do you have products you can hold in your hand? Or wear? Maintain the same pose and just change the product or outfit.

10. From start to finish

Show your process of doing something from start to finish. It can be ANYTHING: Creating ceramic mugs, jewelry, clothes, cleaning your desk. These videos are so satisfying to watch. Everyone wants to see the final result.

11. All about the audio

Sometimes, you don’t need many photos or videos. The audio can do all the talking for you, and bring amazing vibes to your Reels.

Click here to see amazing audios.

12. Stop motion

Stop motions catch people’s attention. They stand out and are super fun to watch.

13. Mirror selfie with phone in front of your face

Mysterious and stylish. Pose in front of the mirror with your phone in front of your face.

14. Your Favorites

What is your business or account about? Share your favorite tools, tips, tricks or hacks related to your niche. No need to show your face in these reels.

15. Timelapse Reels

You can’t go wrong with a timelapse! People get to see a long process in a few seconds. It’s so satisfying to watch.

16. Share a process of doing something

Record yourself doing your work or creating something. People will value your products more when they see what goes into making it.

17. Show how it started vs how it’s going

How did your business or products evolve? Show a photo or video of how it started. In the following clip, show a photo or video of how it’s going. Thank your followers, customers or clients for their support. You’re here thanks to them.

18. Share a quote with a video or photo background

Write an inspirational or motivational quote. Use a video or photo in the background. These Reels can get a lot of views because people can relate. And when they relate, they save or share your post. Which means, the Algorithm will show your Reels to even more people (#moreViews).

19. Motivational speech

Find a motivational speech as your audio. Add photos and videos in the background. Optional: Write the words of the speech on the screen.

20. Tutorial with a voiceover

Provide value to your audience without showing your face. Record a tutorial and add a voiceover.

21. Product zoom-in

Keep it simple. Create a beautiful scene, and zoom into your product to highlight their beauty. Simple and effective.

22. Before and after

Record a video of the before, then a video of the after. Put them together and you have eye-catching Reels!

Bonus: Add a transition, like this magic wand trick.

23. Tell your brand story by adding photos

It can be photos of your first product, your first workplace or your latest creations.
Share your business journey. People love to see how it all began, and how far you’ve come.

24. Show products you offer

Keep it simple. Just record a video of all your products in one go. Sometimes, that’s all you need so people can go “WOW”.

25. Close-ups only

Record close-ups only. Awesome for jewelry, accessories, hair, fashion and food accounts.
Get in there. Show us the details.

26. Pack an order

This is a classic Reels idea without showing your face. First, people see your amazing product. Second, they see people are buying from you. Which means, they will want to check you out too! Win-win.

27. Unboxing

Us humans, we’re curious beings. We want to see what’s in that box. You don’t need to show your face. Just show us the box, open it and let us discover your goodies.

28. ASMR

Join the trend! Also known as “brain massage”, say hello to “ASMR”. No song is needed. Just record what you’re doing, and make sure we can hear it. It’s all about the little sounds. So satisfying!

29. Share a classic meme

Find a classic TV show, interview or movie scene that communicates exactly what you want to say. Share it as a meme, with your own text.

30. Story, hands and props

Got a story to tell? All you need is your hand, pen and paper, and your story. Entertaining and eye-catching.

31. Shadow

Show only the shadow of your product. Amazing idea to create an aesthetic video, or to show a sneak peek of what’s coming.

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