State of Local 2023 – Full Report

The state of local InUnison survey

InUnison developed the State of Local survey as a benchmarking tool tailored for local, independent businesses in the Richmond region.

These insights will help you assess how your business stacks up against others in the local community. Furthermore, the survey aims to capture essential sentiments regarding the current business environment and provide valuable insights into the ongoing needs of local businesses. With over 100 individual business respondents, the data is rich in information.

What you’ll find in the report:

  • Economic & Cultural Impact | A look at local businesses’ profitability and revenue generation, job opportunities, utilization of commercial real estate, and the creation of vibrant business spaces.
  • Local Customer Comparisons | A brief look at local customer demographics, retention, and acquisition tactics.
  • Community & Economic Outlook | Sentiments regarding the current economy, our community, and owners’ businesses.
  • Adaptability & Innovation | A look at how local businesses are meeting the needs of their customers within the current economic environment.

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