Celebrating Success at InnovateLocal: Unleashing Creativity and Innovation in Richmond

InUnison extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Richmond community for its remarkable support, making the inaugural InnovateLocal event a resounding success. At this event, more than 100 attendees united to learn, connect, and find inspiration, bringing together local thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

The event featured an impressive line-up of speakers, each offering unique insights into the world of innovation and creativity. Matt Williams, Kelly O’Keefe, Aaron Montgomery, and the executive team from Mango Salon captivated the audience with their expertise and experiences.

Matt Williams set the tone by emphasizing that we are in the midst of the “creative age.” Drawing parallels with past ages, such as the stone and bronze ages, he urged the audience to harness the creative potential of human capital. Matt stressed the importance of fostering creative cultures within organizations, highlighting that creativity is the cornerstone of true innovation.

Kelly O’Keefe, in his compelling talk, focused on the concept of “Applied Creativity.” He highlighted the idea that creativity must be applied to truly become innovation. By emphasizing the critical role of application, Kelly illustrated how this transformative process can turn creative ideas into real innovations, ultimately driving progress and success.

Aaron Montgomery’s session was dedicated to demystifying innovation. He dispelled the notion that innovation is solely complex, technology-driven, or the realm of a select few. Aaron encouraged the audience to recognize that innovation can be achieved through unlikely pairings, simple iterations, and anyone’s ingenuity. His message was clear – innovation is within reach for all, and it thrives on diversity of thought and creative problem-solving.

The executive team, Pat Heaney, Bobbi Heaney, and Cari Shannon, from Mango Salon shared their journey of innovation within their own local company. They provided valuable insights into both successes and setbacks encountered in their core focus areas of education, technology, and communication. Mango Salon’s candid discussion served as a perfect use case of the power of innovation in a successful local business.

InUnison’s InnovateLocal event was a day filled with high energy and inspiration. It provided local businesses with a unique opportunity to step away from their daily operations and focus on the bigger picture of their ventures. This transformative experience was a testament to the fact that every entrepreneur needs moments of reflection and insight to drive their businesses forward. Mark your calendars for next year – we plan to host our next InnovateLocal in June 2024!

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